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Born in Hong Kong, Harold Ma studied in the U.S.A., worked in England and Winnipeg, Manitoba, and later moved to Vancouver with his family in 1972. He practised as an architect until his retirement in 2004.

Harold started making black and white photo prints in his high school years in Hong Kong and has been making Cibachrome prints in Canada since 1986. Today he remains one of the very few enthusiasts who still maintain a facility for this very fine type of photo printing.

Harold has used 135, 6x6 and 6x7 camera formats but recently has embraced 135 digital photography as a new found tool. Colors, forms, graphics and quality lighting have been treated as primary elements ever since Harold took up photography. His favorite subjects are nature, landscape, and what may appear to be off-hand snapshots of daily life but which are actually precise arrangements of one or more of the above elements.

To Harold, taking pictures fulfills an inner calling and satisfies a compulsion with a non-specific purpose. He attempts to capture an aesthetic and artistic perception. This website does have a purpose though - to share with others, through the power of photography, the meaningful moments of Harold Ma's journey in life.

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